We design sites that allow a business owner complete access to their websites. They can take the complete rein and steer their website in the direction they want. After preliminary set up, we, however, help you understand how to proceed and we are always a phone call away if you need further expert assistance.

For this reason, we think the WordPress web design platform to be the most appropriate for most startups. This is also supported by the truth that over 75 million sites throughout the world are powered by WordPress.

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It is a content management solution that can work marvels for a beginner startup organisation without feeling the pressure to pay too much.
Why select a WordPress site?

• WordPress allows loads of customized functionality and website functions through an assortment of plugins
• Allows you total control of every bit of your website style and content management
• It does not need to cost you too much
• Beautiful and expert styles that will portray your item, services and brand in a fantastic personalised and professional way
• Perfect for blogging

These are but only a few benefits of the kind of website styles we do on WordPress. The charm of plugins is that they offer your site extra functionality such as visitors having the ability to make donations to your website or customer posts to your site as feedback on item reviews, reviews and blogs.

WordPress being a global platform, it means there are countless plugins that might be very practical to the success of your organisation website and we have all these benefits in our tool bag.